Mental Wellness

Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

We work with individuals on their journeys by meeting each person where they are and offer a way to gain perspective on relationships, behavior, and emotions. Offering an opportunity for individuals to identify and express how they think and feel opens up an opportunity to reduce or remove anxiety, depression, and anger as well as to learn to communicate more effectively and set healthy boundaries.

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Recovery Coaching


I work to support individuals with active addictions, ready to be in recovery, and are in recovery from addictions of alcohol or other drugs as well as those recovering from codependency or other addictive behaviors.


Yoga Therapy


Yoga is used with some clients to help make a body and mind connection needed to discover inner peace. This involves a short practice followed by processing. 




Anger Management


Anger is a secondary emotion possibly stemming from another emotions such as fear, sadness, frustration, or even confusion. We want help our client understand the underline reasoning behind their anger. We will equip them with the tools they need to address those issues and be positively assertive in getting their needs met. We strive to make an impact on our client and help them become their better selves, as they process such emotions.

Activity Therapy


Activity therapy is a form of therapy that assists children and families in  solving problems by expressing feelings and improving communication. Play therapy helps adults/ parents understand their children’s emotions and concerns by taken advantage of children’s innate ability to problem solve and express feelings through play.


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